Saturday, June 8, 2013

The 90's Are Back - Wait, They Left?

Alright, so we all know that fashion (and fatshion) are cyclical.  What comes around goes around comes around again.  Plaid, I-don't-give-a-fuck-style, and boot-cuts are resurfacing. We find the natural color palate, bright red lip, and darker burgundy gracing faces. 

While these trends are being ushered back in, the resurgence of gawdy colors and styles that defined the 80's and early 2000's are fading away.

Here's the thing - I was class of 1997.  I'm back in my comfort zone.

Sort of.  One of the huge changes I've noticed between 1995 and 2013 is that there are so many more choices for plus-sizes.  (With a few exceptions) Most plus-size specialty stores aren't quite fashion-forward (fatshion forward?), but choices! So, my 2013 fashion flash-back is exactly what my fatty, teenaged self would have wished for.

SimplyBe is one of the most fatshion-forward online retailers out there.  Their clothes come in American sizes 10 - 32 (admittedly, way fewer options above size 28 or below size 12), and are aimed at women below 40.  I mean, older women can totally wear this stuff, but that's not their core market.  Hell, I'm on the very outer edges of their market, and I'm in my thirties.

So, these are my top 90's inspired options from SimplyBe.

First up, this Contrasting Collar number.  I'm pretty sure Courtney Love wore this exact dress back when she was hanging off Kurt's arm at award ceremonies.  Or in flop houses.  Whichever.

I may have actually owned this dress in high school.  If not me, then it was Angela Chase in My So-Called Life.

Shirley Manson, of Garbage, would have definitely stepped on stage in this.  You know, if she put on 20 pounds.

MaryJanes to go with nearly anything.

 Or maybe some flowered hightops?
But, these are what I actually sported.  Pretty close.

And of course, over everything, you throw this...

Next, 90's makeup refreshers.  Matte and brown everything, anyone?