Thursday, May 14, 2015

Things I Am

(I wrote this a while ago and never published it. Probably because I wrote it when I was feeling mopey.)



There's tons more, but those are the things that come easily to mind. Only the first item is something most people see when they look at me.

Oh, It's Been a While

So, so, so much life has happened since I last blogged.

1. I moved to Atlanta, and that's been... It's been. Remind me to tell you what the first day was like and all of the other bad omens we've had since being here. I don't normally believe in that kind of stuff, but geez - I've been pummeled over the head with it.

2. I met the girl I gave up for adoption, and we correspond. She's amazing and like me and different and it's so weird. She's pretty much everything I wanted to be when I was her age, which is so strange. And dear lord, she's beautiful!!! How did genetics do that crazy shit?

3. I met my father. What?!? Like, I met him, we went out for multiple dinners, we have a picture together, I have his chin, he called me on my birthday. So weird. So much of my identity for all these years has been tied into being an orphan.

4. My father is still a deadbeat dad. He makes promises to see each other and avoids talking to me when he hits the deadline. I have to start most of the conversations with him. My husband is angry about it, but I'm actually not. I don't think I expected much when I initially contacted him, considering he'd already served a 30-some odd year hiatus. At least I know where I get my out-of-sight-out-of-mindness from.

5. Diabetes. I'm still on medication. My sugar is under control, but I eat what I want - which means my life is out of control. This is probably it's own post.

6. I still work from home, only now for one of the biggest electronics companies in the world. My weirdness is saluted and my boss's boss says fuck. I found my tribe.

6. Expect more product reviews!!! Ipsy is a really cool service that sends you multiple products (deluxe samples and full size) that you probably haven't tried. I've found a bunch of really awesome products through this. Also, clothes!!!

So, I'm back from my vacation, and ready to get back out here.

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