Friday, November 29, 2013

Argh! Diabetes and Thanksgiving

I fell of the wagon, y'all.

Like, I totally had good intentions for the longest time. I freaked out over carbs and checked my sugar a billion times a day to get it as low as possible.

But somewhere, bit by bit, my desire to control it slipped. Then, it stopped mattering what I ate. I mean, the food I ate was good food - unprocessed, home made, tasty and healthy - but I wasn't counting carbs anymore.

My sugar, however, didn't react. As long as I remembered my medicines in the morning and night, I was completely fine.

This wasn't my goal, when I found out I had diabetes. I wanted to get off the medication. Unless I get back into control, that's not going to happen.

Making this decision around the holidays is not the easiest decision. Of course, yesterday was a lost cause (because it was Thanksgiving, fools!).

However, today I woke up and took my meds, weighed myself (ugh), and at 1 cup of fat free Greek yogurt (10 grams of carbs), 1/8 cup of dry barley flakes (7 grams of carbs) and 1 tsp of organic peach jam (5 grams of carbs).

We'll try this again. My name is Trudy. I'm a diabetic.